Academic Upgrading

High School Equivalencies

Academic & Career Entrance

The Academic & Career Entrance (ACE) program is offered at 24 public colleges. The individual courses and ACE certificate are accepted as Grade 12 equivalent for:

  • Admission to Ontario's public colleges for certificate and diploma programs,
  • Apprenticeship registration, and
  • Hiring purposes for a growing number of employers.
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ACE Certificate

The ACE Certificate is a college certificate that is recognized as equivalent to an Ontario Secondary School Diploma (O.S.S.D.) To receive an ACE Certificate, students must successfully complete:

  • English,
  • Mathematics, and
  • Two other courses from the course list.

ACE Courses offered at Lambton College

Course Listing - ACE
ACE CourseO.S.S.D. EquivalentOntario Secondary School Equivalent
ACE CommunicationsEnglish, Grade 12 to CollegeENG4C
ACE Apprenticeship MathFoundations for College Mathematics, Grade 12MAP4C
ACE Business MathFoundations for College Mathematics, Grade 12MAP4C
ACE Technical MathMathematics for College Technology, Grade 12MCT4C
ACE Core MathMathematics for Work and Everyday Life, Grade 12MEL4E
ACE BiologyBiology, Grade 11 to CollegeSBI3C
ACE PhysicsPhysics, Grade 12 to CollegeSPH4C
ACE ChemistryChemistry, Grade 12 to CollegeSCH4C
ACE Self-Management/Self-Directionn/an/a
ACE Computersn/an/a

ACE Courses

ACE courses have set curriculum and students are expected to meet the learning outcomes within given timelines. The minimum passing grade for ACE courses is 70%. This program is not recommended if you require a significantly modified or adaptive learning program in high school.