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Lambton College knows that military-connected learners are an under-represented population at the post-secondary level and a group of students who may require additional academic, social, and student service support. Military-connected learners can face significant obstacles to learning. This includes operational deployments, training opportunities, or the continued effects of service on the uniformed member or family.

A stock photo of a canadian military soldier wearing badges and medals.
Military-connected learners can face significant obstacles to learning.

Who is a Military-Connected Learner?

You are considered a military-connected learner if you have significant ties to the Canadian Armed Forces or the military of your home nation. This includes:

  • Serving Regular Force member
  • Serving Reserve Force member
  • Veteran
  • Department of National Defence Public Service
  • Immediate family (spouse, partner, child) of a serving Canadian Armed Forces member or veteran
  • Foreign Military Veteran

Our Commitment

At Lambton College, we realize that military service and supporting a uniformed loved one may erode the learning environment.

This is why we are committed to:

  1. Ensuring there are no academic penalties due to withdrawal from a course or program directly related to service in the Canadian Armed Forces.
  2. Working with each military-connected learner to explore individual credits for prior learning.
  3. Providing tailored advice on options to shorten or extend program completion due to unforeseen military training, international or domestic operations, illness or rehabilitation due to military service, or a reoccurring military commitment.

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Military-Connected Learners