Accessibility Centre

Accessibility Orientation

Join the Accessibility Centre staff for a free, two-part event as we prepare incoming students with disabilities for their studies at Lambton College.

Orientation Sessions


Our Accessibility Orientation is set up as a two-part event. Students with disabilities are encouraged to first attend either a one-on-one session or group session before attending our workshop event on August 22.

Group Sessions
Groups sessions will be held in June, July and August in case you aren't able to make the one-on-one appointments. Groups sessions can be attended either in-person or virtually and are by appointment only.
Workshop Session
This is part-two of the Orientation experience and will be held on August 22. You must register for this event in advance.

Remember to register for all events early. Space is limited and registration is mandatory. To register for our events, visit the event listing page.

What We Will Cover

  • Supports available
  • Documentation required
  • Comparison of high school and college supports
  • Financial aid options
  • Assistive technologies
  • College expectations
  • Developing essential skills for success
Student in wood shop posing for photo wearing wearing protective gear and tool belt.


Office Hours

Office hours may vary so it is best to contact Accessibility Services to book an appointment.

Accessibility Services



Room B1-130