Accessibility Centre


Does my high school forward my records onto the Accessibility Centre at Lambton College?
No. All elementary and high school records are kept at the last school the student attended.
Who has access to my confidential records?
Only appropriate staff in the Accessibility Centre can access a student's reports.
Are there additional services for students with learning disabilities?
Yes, a learning strategist and assistive device technologist is available to work with students with learning disabilities to provide strategies and to demonstrate specialized software that may be available.
Will my professors know about my accommodations?
If the student requires academic accommodations, the student must forward his/her accommodation plan to his/her professors. The student is not required to share diagnostic information with professors.
Can I access accessibility services during midterms?
Yes, student can contact the Accessibility Centre at any point in the year to determine their accommodation needs and eligibility requirements.
If I write tests in the Testing Centre, do I have to write all of my tests there?
No, a student is not obligated to write all of his/her tests in the Testing Centre.
What happens if I need to write a test outside regular office hours?
If given proper advance notification, staff can be available for a test invigilation outside regular office hours.
What happens to my file when I graduate or leave Lambton College?
Files are kept for 10 years and then they are shredded.