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Advance as an RN in perioperative care. A unique program with theory, lab, and clinical components. Ideal for hospital-based nurses seeking expertise. Enroll now!

This program provides Registered Nurses (RN) with the necessary knowledge and expertise to care for clients in perioperative settings. The program consists of theoretical and lab components, a transition to practice course and 240 hours of clinical practicum in a perioperative setting - unique components of this program.

This program is intended for students who are working in a hospital setting or those who can make arrangements for a field placement at their current place of employment.

Please Note: As of August 1, 2015 Lambton College will no longer be sourcing field placements for new students in this program.

Admission Requirements

  • Current and valid RN registration in Canada within the jurisdiction where you will be completing the program practicum


RN Registration Number

After you have registered for your first course within the program, please complete the following form to submit your nursing registration number:

You will need to login to your Lambton College account to access the form.

Applications for this program are not accepted through

Prior Learning Assessment

If you believe you have an equivalent level of knowledge and would like credit through Prior Learning Assessment, please contact the following to discuss assessment:

Nurse reviewing paperwork
Get credit for your work experience
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Be sure you meet admission requirements to earn your credential.

Credential Eligibility

If you are taking courses with the intention of completing this program and earning a credential, you must meet the Admission Requirements. It is your responsibility to supply proof of admission requirements to the Office of the Registrar before completing three courses in this program.

If you complete the program but fail to provide proof of admission requirements, you will be ineligible to receive your credential.


Course Fees

  • Exact costs can be obtained during the registration process. Visit the Course List and select an individual course for associated course fees.
See Financial Aid Options

Transition to Practice Fees

  • Transition to Practice course fees range from $300 - $400. Travel and accommodation costs may be applicable if the student is not within driving distance of Sarnia.

    Please review the Registration (2000-1-2) policy - section 23(c)(ii). Students who withdraw or change sections after registering for a Transition to Practice workshop will be subject to a $50 administration fee.


  • Textbook costs may be applicable to each course. Most textbooks can be purchased through, but some exceptions do apply. Some courses may have software or equipment requirements that are not included in the cost of the course and are the responsibility of the student. Please see individual course pages for course-specific textbook information.

Technology Requirements

In order to keep pace with the requirements of each and every course in your program, Lambton College requires that each student have access to a laptop while studying at our college.


Course List


Introduction to perioperative nursing includes discussion on infection control/aseptic practices, patient positioning/safety, anesthesia types, sutures/instruments and alternative surgical modalities. The role of the perioperative nurse as well as perioperative terminology is also explored.

Please contact us to find out when the next start date will be.


Surgeries specific to gastrointestinal, liver, pancreas,biliary tract, breast and gynecologic/obstetric.Wound healing is also presented in this course. Discussion includes anatomy, instrumentation, patient care and positioning, special equipment required, post-op care, pain management and information unique to the above surgical topics. Please note: to complete PERI-1013 and PERI-1023 as co-requisites, students must register in PERI-1013 first, then can complete a second registration for PERI-1023.

Please contact us to find out when the next start date will be.


Surgeries specific to orthopaedics, ENT,neurosurgery, plastics, paediatrics, ophthalmology and trauma.Discussion includes anatomy, instrumentation, patient care and positioning, special equipment required and information unique to the above surgical topics.


Please contact us to find out when the next start date will be.


Surgeries specific to cardiac, thoracic, vascular,genitourinary, geriatrics and ambulatory day surgery. Discussion includes anatomy, instrumentation, patient care and positioning, special equipment required and information unique to the above surgical topics. This course also discusses Interventional and Guided Images, and hand scrubbing, gowning and gloving.


Please contact us to find out when the next start date will be.


This workshop is designed to provide the nurse with an introduction to Perioperative basic scrubbing skills prior to clinical experience with a Perioperative instructor in the OR environment. The focus will be on the OR environment, the principles of asepsis, scrubbing, gowning, gloving, procedure set up, instrument identification, draping and sharp handling.

Registration in this workshop is only open to students who have successfully completed the 4 requisite theory courses- PERI-1013, PERI-1023, PERI-1033 and PERI-1043.

Students from Loyalist and Durham colleges should reach out to their college prior to registration. One week prior to the workshop, registrations of students without the requisite courses will be removed.


Please contact us to find out when the next start date will be.


Students must contact at least 6 months in advance of their desired placement start date.

Students entering the Registered Nurse - Perioperative program must meet specific field/clinical requirements to be eligible for placement with our community partners. For more information, please refer to the Registered Nurse-Perioperative program page at Please note that a field placement can not begin until an emailed confirmation is received from Lambton College Staff stating confirmation of registration and successful completion of required learnings for the college and hospital or private surgical centre. Starting field placements prior to the email confirmation stating registration, will result in loss of hours accumulated prior to the date of email receipt.


Please contact us to find out when the next start date will be.

All theory courses must be completed prior to beginning the PERI-2012 Transition to Practice workshop. This workshop must be successfully completed before beginning the PRNF-4009 RN - Perioperative Field Placement.

Students are required to arrange their own field placement opportunity.

Due to the large number of students enrolled in several programs requiring field placements, it is not uncommon for students to experience a delay in beginning the field placement portion of their program.

Have Questions?

If you have any questions about our online programs, the courses offered, the registration process, or any other Online Education related questions, reach out to us.



Perioperative Nursing

After Graduation

Employment Opportunities

Female Nursing Student

Nurses are the largest group of healthcare providers in Canada. Registered Nurses provide direct nursing care to patients, deliver health education programs and provide consultative services regarding issues relevant to the practice of nursing. Registered Nurses may specialize in areas such as Perioperative Nursing.


Two pswk students working with a patient.

Passport to Placement Clearance

Students heading out on placement are required to complete the Passport to Placement clearance process before heading into a facility. Students considering this program should be aware that there are field and clinical placement requirements. Placement facilities may require students to have proof of certain vaccinations and police record checks.

Once you've applied, you can log in to and view the program-specific Field & Clinical Placement Requirements. If you need information about these requirements before applying, please contact

Transition to Practice

Registering for Transition to Practice Course

Before students can register for PERI-2012 Transition to Practice they must:

Once all three of the above requirements have been met, students will be encouraged to register for PERI-2012 Transition to Practice via the website. Students are strongly encouraged to take PERI-2012 as close to their placement start date as possible to maximize the learning.

The FREEM-9010 course is a prerequisite for PERI-2012 - without completing FREEM-9010, students will be unable to move forward in the program.

What to Expect after Registering

Once you've registered, you can expect to hear from the Perioperative Nursing department about a week before your scheduled PERI-2012 Transition to Practice course.

Location of Transition to Practice Course

The PERI-2012 Transition to Practice course is a weekend course and is held onsite at Lambton College Sarnia. It runs all day Saturday and Sunday from 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Credit for Prior Learning for the Transition to Practice Course

If you currently work in an Operating Room setting, there is a possibility that you may be able to earn credit through a Prior Learning Assessment. For other Prior Learning Assessment option, please contact

Loyalist & Durham Students

Eligibility for Loyalist and Durham college students coming to Lambton college to complete the PERI-2012 lab course, will be verified with your home college prior to the weekend lab.

Prior to registering in PERI-2012, students will need to complete the FREEM-9010 Welcome to Perioperative Nursing. This free course was designed to help students prepare for the PERI-2012 lab weekend and answer some of the commonly asked questions.

Withdrawing or Changing Sections

Please review the Registration (2000-1-2) policy - section 23(c)(ii). Students who withdraw or change sections after registering for a Transition to Practice workshop will be subject to a $50 administration fee.

How to Register for Field Placement

The perioperative nursing field placement consists of 240 hours and is usually completed over a six-week period. Registration is valid for a set period of time and placement hours must be completed within the provided time frame.

It is advised that students work out a schedule with their clinical placement provider that is beneficial to both the student and the clinical provider.

Nurse student practising on dummy patient.

The following steps must be completed before students begin the process of finding a field placement:

  1. Students must receive a passing grade for all four theory courses and one prep course before registering for field placement - please be aware that instructors have three weeks from the end of the term to post final grades.
  2. Contact the perioperative nursing department at to begin the placement process. Students will be required to meet specific requirements to be eligible to participate in placement.

Students not currently employed as nurses

This program is designed for active nurses, currently licensed and practicing within the jurisdiction where they will be completing the program placement. If you are not employed at a hospital or surgical clinic that can host your placement, please be aware that securing a placement can be a difficult process and may take a year or more. Please connect with the perioperative nursing department if you are in this situation.

More Information


If I have not yet received my Nursing Registration Number, can I still register for the Perioperative Nursing program?
No. If you have not yet received proof of your nursing status, you are unable to register. Please refer to the admission requirements for this program for details.
How do I find out what the Perioperative Nursing courses cost and whether I need to purchase textbooks or not?
Costs for individual courses are approximated in the Costs tab of this program page. All fees are subject to change. Information on textbooks, including cost, can be found by following the link in the textbook section on each course registration page. Course registration pages can be accessed by clicking on the courses in the course list. Exact costs are posted on the course pages during the registration period.
Can I take one Perioperative Nursing online theory course at a time?
Yes, please refer to the program map for this program which is found in the  course list. From the map, you will be able to see the order in which the courses should be taken.
Can I take all four of the Perioperative Nursing online theory courses at the same time?
No, please refer to the Course List page - the courses should be taken in the order they appear. Students may take courses one at a time or may often take PERI-1013 and PERI-1023 at the same time and then take PERI-1033 and PERI 1043 in the next available term.
I am trying to register for the next course in my program and have already completed the prerequisite course but the system is telling me that I do not have the prerequisite course. Why am I receiving this message?
The system does not recognize a course as complete until a final grade has been entered by the faculty. The deadline for faculty to enter grades into the system is three weeks after the course's end date. The system will not allow you to register in a course until you have a final grade for the prerequisite course(s). You can view your grades in Self Service, which can be accessed by using your Lambton College login and password.

Prepare for Success

Remember to review the important dates associated with this program - some deadlines may be different depending on how your program is delivered and what section you're enrolled in.

Technology Requirements

It is required that students purchase a laptop with a Windows operating system.

Internet Speed Requirements

For best performance for students learning remotely, an internet connection with a minimum of 40 Mbps download and 10 Mbps upload speed is recommended in order to effectively use video conferencing and remote lecture delivery software as well as, other online resources remotely. Due to the large area over which students may be dispersed, we are unable to recommend a specific provider, so you will need to inquire around your area to find one that best suits your needs.

Minimum Laptop Requirements

In order to access the internet and virtually-delivered software and courseware, student laptops should include the following at a minimum. By meeting the following specifications, students will be equipped to access software and courseware on their laptop through the internet:

  • Intel i5 8th Gen Processor or equivalent
  • 16 GB of RAM (with a minimum of 8 GB)
  • 100 GB HDD or more
  • HD Graphics
  • Webcam with a microphone
  • Wireless 802.11n/ac 5ghz capable
  • Windows Operating System (Windows 11)


To ensure students are getting the most our of their classroom experience, some software will be required.

Lambton College has made this software easily accessible online. Students can leverage our Microsoft Office 365 software packages and services. In addition, much of the software you require for your courses will be available on demand for use on any device - on or off campus.